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Alpha and Beta Lot #4 Release Soon!

Posted on Wednesday January 20, 2016

Yes, Primal Mist Lot #4 of Formula Alpha and Formula Beta will soon be released. Inventories of Lot #3 were quickly depleted during the Christmas season of 2014 through Valentine’s Day of February 2015. Demand has skyrocketed and I appreciate all past and new Primal Mist fans. Stay tuned for Lot #4 release date. Happy […]

Win a 9ml Bottle of Formula Alpha! FREE!

Posted on Sunday November 23, 2014

At $2,100 per ounce, Primal Mist is one of the most expensive perfumes in the world. Win a 9ml bottle of Formula Alpha! Free! As most of you know, we’ve been running a contest on our Facebook page. Last week we had our first winner. DeLane Bowman of Hickory, North Carolina scored on Friday, November […]

Oscar de la Renta

Posted on Tuesday October 21, 2014

Primal Mist has lost a friend. Oscar de la Renta passed away on October 20, 2014. He offered me valuable advice and encouragement. Words cannot express the heartfelt loss. Simply said, he was truly the Sultan of Suave. Have a blessed journey, and until we meet again…

The world's most exclusive perfume

Sexy. Alluring. Timeless.

But do you know the legend?

Primal Mist is a story of archaeology, science, and Advanced perfumery. It’s a breakthrough in fragrance design and a time-bridge that echoes across 3,300 years of Fascinating history.

Primal Mist was released in 2011 after years of development. Supplies were extremely limited. That first production run sold out in days. Impressive, considering it’s one of the ten most expensive perfumes in the world. Now, it's available again!

But do you know the legend?

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