About Primal Mist

In 2011, Primal Mist released two new perfumes, Formulae Alpha and Formulae Beta, after four years of archaeological study, scientific investigation and fragrance design. Primal Mist is produced in extremely small quantities, making them exclusive and exceedingly rare. The perfumes are cured for two years before they are ready for release. Each stage of the creation process is hand-crafted, including bottling.

We’re constantly asked to describe the scents of Formulae Alpha and Beta. Our answer is always the same – it’s impossible to explain a scent, although many try. How would you describe the Mona Lisa? Imagine a pretty lady with a crooked smile?

The Primal Mist fragrances can only be fully appreciated by personally experiencing them. Mere words do them no justice. Simply said, Alpha and Beta are sensual, alluring and captivating. Both are literally the most incredible perfumes ever worn.

Primal Mist began with the linguistic analysis of excavated cuneiform tablets dating to the second millennium BCE. The tablets contained a detailed process of making perfume written by a woman chemist named Tapputi. The ancient text mentioned two aromatics. Primal Mist combined these ancient era aromatics with modern essential oils and fragrances to produce our Alpha and Beta scents.

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